. I've always know that. It is a universal Australian value of democracy. Now, this Government has a decision to make. That's despite around 31,000 jobs being lost in the month according to the Bureau of Statistics. An audience member complained that a report from the Garma Festival in 2022 inaccurately stated that Aboriginal Australians were granted citizenship under the 1967 Referendum. The industrial action - the first step in a campaign of rolling action to . Transcript. Republican Rep. James Comer suggested during a right-wing podcast earlier this week that President Joe Biden's deceased son Beau Biden should have been investigated in connection with a long-settled case on "campaign donations" from a backer who was eventually indicted. Greg Jennett comes to you from Parliament House with the latest news in politics and national affairs, plus interviews with key players on the issues and events making headlines. Topics: International tourism, international border reopening, Tourism Australia funding. I think they would obviously understand that the former government initiated the process. Media release. I don't want to reflect on the particular comments that have been made, but it's a very common thing for Australia to support democratic elections in our region. Absolutely more needs to be done and yes the McGowan Government has been the beneficiary of increase, particularly in the iron ore price and the demand. Edge Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman and Labor MP Anika Wells. 7:30PM. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will hold a briefing with reporters Monday afternoon. If you have a question or comment about an ABC News program or ABC network show, please call Audience Relations at (818) 460-7477 or contact another department. : Well, it obviously raises the question about what on earth the government was doing in relation to the Attack class program, if that was their view. Background Briefing's Signal number is (+61) 0491 750 876 WhatsApp This is a free messaging app with end-to-end encryption that also allows the transfer of documents, photos and videos. WhatsApp can be used to make secure phone calls. E&OE. Linda Reynolds last time I checked their budget was looking very healthy indeed. 1.3K views, 15 likes, 2 loves, 5 comments, 2 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Dr Katie Allen: #WATCH: This afternoon I joined Patricia Karvelas on ABC News - Afternoon Briefing. 10 December 2020 Minister Collins interview on ABC Afternoon Briefing Minister Collins discusses the Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee and the Government's housing agenda with Greg Jennett on ABC Afternoon Briefing. GORMAN: The ABC loves Western Australia. But it's also, I think, about making sure that there is clarity around what the Australian Defence Force is going to need, but also there is support for Australian defence industry and what they do, both in terms of supplying to the ADF, but exporting to the rest of the world and as a display of the potential of Australian defence industry. MS. JEAN-PIERRE: Hi. Text us on 0437 922 720 (rates apply) or call us on 1300 222 720. And we're really conscious of that. JONES: Fairy Meadow McDonald's, there was a close contact there 24 hours ago. The Hon Richard Marles MP. I wouldn't want to overstate the size of the issue in Australia and I'm limited in what I can say. And I do accept what the Leader of the Opposition has said, that the Opposition will provide support to whatever we announce in the near term. It's not far off. Published: MonMon 27 Feb 2023 at 5:30am/with Christine Layton. There is, I guess, the Parisian rapprochement on the issue of the submarine deal there, but do you think as far as goodwill goes, when youve got such a complex deal, that those hurdles can actually be overcome? We are also unable to assist with school assignment or research requests. Contact Us Afternoon Briefing , 29th July 2023 Summary published: 14th February 2023 Complaint: An audience member complained that a report from the Garma Festival in 2022 inaccurately stated that Aboriginal Australians were granted citizenship under the 1967 Referendum. JENNET: Right but thats the rub isn't it Patrick Gorman if you did more it risks being inflationary at present so I mean is there a middle path here that can be fashioned in the October budget that does deliver meaningful relief without tipping bucket loads of fuel? Welcome to both of you. I spoke to the Employment Minister Stuart Robert a . But Im confident that the goodwill that I saw yesterday in both my meetings with the European Parliamentarians and with the French Trade Minister, that theres a heap of goodwill to get this agreement up. We will take advice from our intelligence agencies about what is the best pathway forward in relation to all social media platforms including TikTok. Weve got a wonderful trade negotiator in Alison Burrows, one of our most experienced trade negotiators, and the things that were blocking the resolution of this free trade agreement have now been removed. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday afternoon is slated to hold a press briefing. I think there is actually a sense of excitement about the focus which is being brought to bear, both in terms of our nation's strategic posture, what we need to do in terms of procurement to give effect to that strategic posture, and how we want to make sure that our procurement processes are brought up to date with the current strategic environment that we're in right now. So we're trying to get things going in the right direction. Patrick Gorman and Linda Reynolds, thanks so much. But as I say, it's really encouraging from the perspective of Australian defence industry, that all this ingenuity is happening here, which has the potential to be exported to other parts of the world, which is really important in terms of building Australia's strategic weight. But, look, the Home Affairs Minister is obviously conducting a review into this. But that's not a decision for us, Greg, that's a decision for the Government. Linda Reynolds joins us for the first time. Watch all your favourite ABC programs on ABC iview. Your information is being handled in accordance with the, Take your favourite podcasts and radio with you. Christine Layton keeps you entertained, informed and give you plenty of food for thought whether you're at work, on the school run or at home. China Tonight. Is that actually going to have any benefit on Australian oil prices, do you think? We'll do it again sometime with the West Australian focus. And I do accept what the Leader of the Opposition has said, that the Opposition will provide support to whatever we announce in the near term. If you want a copy of an ABC broadcast, contact Content Sales. 25 March 2022 Press conference, opening of Blackrock Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Camp 14 March 2022 Opening of Blackrock Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Camp 14 March 2022 Minister for Trade: Look, weve made it very clear that there are some things that we need in this agreement, and access for our farmers to agricultural markets in Europe is one of them. : Well, it sounds like there's an implied criticism by you of the mere fact that he's making these disclosures a year on, but can I sort of refine the question a little. You could develop heart disease earlier, Farmers say live ex ban will 'decimate' industry, Labor aims to phase out live sheep exports, Putin accuses Ukraine of terror attack inside Russia, DHS Director says she was verbally abused over Robodebt, Controversy over leadership of the Pacific Islands Forum. The rest of the world, or the free world is backing this ban. AboutPressCopyrightContact usCreatorsAdvertiseDevelopersTermsPrivacyPolicy &. : And what will you do to manage that? A crane, firefighters and rescuers operate after a collision in Tempe near Larissa city, Greece, March 1, 2023. GREG JENNETT, HOST: Katy Gallagher, thanks for joining us. Ellen Fanning and Julia Baird host smart and respectful conversations about the issues impacting people's lives in the show that values expertise . In 2022, the ABC NEWS Channel is the home of live and breaking coverage of all the big news, events and issues happening at home, around the world and on the federal election campaign trail. Matthew Doran: What about the issue of geographic indicators or, as people might more easily know them - they go down to their supermarket, they buy a block of feta cheese to make a salad or something like that - what about that issue there about the EU being quite particular on wanting sole ownership, I guess you could say, over some of those names and stopping international producers using them? Recording Options. And certainly as you walk around the air show today, you see one technology after another, which is walking down that path. Things are going gangbusters in your state of Western Australia. You could develop heart disease earlier, Farmers say live ex ban will 'decimate' industry, Labor aims to phase out live sheep exports, Putin accuses Ukraine of terror attack inside Russia, DHS Director says she was verbally abused over Robodebt, Controversy over leadership of the Pacific Islands Forum. Filed Under: Uncategorized VIETNAMPLUS, Vietnam politics, express news, hot news, cybersecurity, update, e-newspaper, small ads, Vietnam News Agency, VNA, Vietnam News Daily, national., february 27 birthstone, afternoon briefing abc, afternoon briefing, 27 february 2021, where is afternoon briefing, alo chaya 27 february, mathijs gaat door 27 . I had meetings with both the European Parliamentarians and the French Trade Minister in Canberra yesterday. There is a generational thing, that's what I was going to say. Richard Marles, have you got TikTok on any government owned phone? : Well, we obviously work closely with the UK and we've been following what's happened there, and we've obviously undertaken our own investigations. Plus, thoughts on the SAG Awards, 'Your Honor,' and more. And you're right, I mean, the Defence phone is obviously much more sensitive than a range of other areas within the Australian Government. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we So, they can't keep going back and saying oh we inherited a particular set of circumstances because that's Government and Government means you take the circumstances as they come and you have to make decisions. 8 Comments - Red Ketcher - Wednesday, Mar 1, 23 @ 8:55 am: "Though rarely granted, the so-called "Franks hearing" could provide a fascinating glimpse into how the government built its . I'm definitely living in a previous century. She'll be addressing the Queensland LNP women's state conference tomorrow. We are really very much on the verge of an announcement and I think what matters now is, when that announcement is made, making sure that that enjoys the support of the full spectrum of politics in Australia. So it reduced the inflationary pressures on family budgets. And so we want to make sure . The daily destination for #auspol addicts. Do you nevertheless, though, feel his remarks have been in any way unsettling in the perception that it might create with the AUKUS partners of a breakdown of bi-partisanship in this country? : Well, there's a lot of assets at the air show for people who haven't seen the air show, it is a remarkable display of capability from around the world, actually. Well thank you for your time and let you go get back to the Avalon Air Show on your home turf there. ABC News Hour. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work. MARLES: Are there assets at the air show? ABC afternoon briefing, with Greg Jennett Transcript, E&OE Meeting with Chinese counterpart, Trade, Food shortages and Ukraine. Look, I think you nailed it in your question is that they are now the Government. Labor MP for Perth, Patrick Gorman is back and Liberal Senator for WA. So what that will mean is that young people and people who are changing careers can get access to training, helping with the skills challenges that we currently have. There is the symbolism, but then youre also hoping that it will have an economic impact as well. I think the future is where we will see a range of autonomous vehicles perhaps working in tandem with a crewed aircraft, but giving applications to a much wider effect as a result. MARLES: Well, there's a lot of assets at the air show for people who haven't seen the air show, it is a remarkable display of capability from around the world, actually. SUBJECTS: China; speech to launch Peter Hartcher's 'Red Zone'; Violence in the Middle East; Kurri Kurri; vaccine rollout. This is a snapshot of our achievements, programs and personalities and celebrates the ABC's contribution to Australian life for more than 80 years. Start your weekend informed and up-to-date. Richard Marles, in view of the almost mach loop that's about to take place above you. If you have a general news tip or feedback, please contact us via the form below. So thats one of the points that were insisting on in this agreement. I'm not sure we'll shake that one out of you today. Learn more. I think this was a complete own goal by the Foreign Minister and it was entirely predictable. And yes we are seeing both a lot of heat in the economy and particularly in Western Australia, but also a lot of hurt. TONY BURKE, SHADOW MINISTER FOR INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS: Hello PK. That suggestion from the newly appointed House . E&OE. REYNOLDS: Not at all. To the Avalon Air Show, you've spent time there today. Thursday, March 2, 2023 4:49AM. Footer Menu. We have to remember that its a $17 trillion economy with 450 million consumers. Sign up for regular updates from ABC Perth, Published: WedWed 1 Mar 2023 at 5:30am/with Christine Layton, Published: TueTue 28 Feb 2023 at 4:30am/with Christine Layton. In what way did the UK alert you to the dangers emerging among former Australian pilots? Before we get into your discussions with the EU delegation yesterday, I do want to touch on the news announced today that Australia is joining this oil price cap - Russian oil price cap. . Afternoon Briefing. You can email us your complaints using the Lodge a Complaint form. And we want to make it clear to the Russians that we dont support what theyre doing, and were doing that by imposing this price cap on Russian oil. We just want to make sure we're doing that. He points out that there are risks with the first model of a new type of production run and he still strongly favours the U.S. Virginia class subs for AUKUS. Freedom of Information . The main topic of. JENNETT: And you say you're on the verge, what are we talking now, a matter of days? HOST, GREG JENNETT: Okay, time now for today's political panel and we've got a very West Australian focused pairing today. Transcript. What does it fall to the Federal Government to do to address that? In a speech today, the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Penny Wong, accused the Prime Minister of stoking tensions for . I realise that might be the opposition's political interests to use that, but I'm not going to take a lecture about megaphone diplomacy from the previous Government that only had megaphone diplomacy. The White House on Thursday said the Biden administration does not know what is causing the apparent poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran and called for the Iranian government to conduct a . We've had some reporting this week about killer drones designed by BAE and the like. Matthew Doran: Well, Don Farrell, well wait to see whether or not your optimism and confidence does, in fact, shine through in this situation. Karvelas and Kelly together host The Party Room political podcast, which examines the latest news and events from Parliament House in Canberra. TV Interview - ABC Afternoon Briefing Listen. First responders are working to get much-needed supplies to Southern California mountain communities days after a series of rare winter snowstorms buried the . I'm confident, obviously, that our partners in the United Kingdom and the United States are completely sure about where we stand on this and know that there is full government support in relation to it. Are you sensing, as others have described, that contractors feel frustration that they are on hold pending the Defence Strategic Review, a buildup of commercial frustration around your processes? 24 November 2022 Interview - ABC Afternoon Briefing Senator the Hon Anthony Chisholm Assistant Minister for Education Assistant Minister for Regional Development SUBJECTS: Stuart Robert, Industrial Relations and Labor's plans to grow wages, Jordan Peterson, Drew Pavlou and Cheaper Childcare Bill Would you want to buy the first Toyota Corolla out of a half million production run? Whilst we review all submissions daily, as we receive a high volume of enquiries it is not possible to respond to everyone individually. Matthew Doran brings you all the very latest news and interviews on what's going on in the halls of Parliament House in Canberra and the topics and events making headlines from coast to coast in politics and national affairs. The daily destination for #auspol addicts. We are at a point where it won't be long before we are making the announcement about what the optimal pathway will look like. But is there a sign that the EU is open to allowing that? He has said, to be fair to Peter Dutton, he said he'll support whatever sub decision the government comes up with. And as a Government, you take the circumstances you inherit, as we did from Labor when we first came into Government, and you deal with the circumstances as they arrive, which we did. : All right, well, let's talk through any residual damage from that contribution, if any, that is. So quite the opposite, actually I think there's been a real sense of positivity in the conversations I've had throughout the day with defence industry about what's happening in the field of defence and what the future holds. Shepherd of All God's Children Learning Center. : Yeah, all right. ABC NEWS is excited to announce Greg Jennett as the new host of Afternoon Briefing. Please use this form to submit feedback and requests, providing as much information as possible. So there's already that gradation in the security applying to phones from various parts of the Australian Government. 10 December 2020 Interview on 3AW Breakfast with Russel Howcroft Topics: New Zealand working holiday maker campaign; Australia-China trade relations. 22 July 2022. Would you be prepared to make decisions akin to what's happening in the U.S. and Canada for your department alone? Clinical psychologist Dr Peter Gasper unpacks why people cheat, and if infidelity can run in the family. Presented , Beverley O'Connor presents the week's main international news, as reported by ABC News correspondents deployed in Bangkok, Beirut, Istanbul, Jakarta, Jerusalem, London, New Delhi, Port Moresby, Taipei, , Miriam Corowa presents the latest from ABC News, following today's top stories and coverage of events as they unfold. Karvelas who worked for The Australian newspaper for 13 years before shifting to the ABC in 2015, hosting RN's Drive program said she was "honoured" to take over from Kelly, who . One great example is the announcement that came out of the Jobs and Skills Summit which is the commitment for 180,000 fee free TAFE places starting in January next year. Pat, I'll throw this one to you. Upheld against 2.1 ABC Editorial Policies. I think that the point about drones is that increasingly what we are seeing in air warfare not just in air warfare, but in the other domains as well is an increasing role for autonomous vehicles. But look, I'm limited in what I can say. Were going to wrap it up and thank both of you. We might talk a little about Avalon in a moment, but why don't we go to Peter Dutton's remarks. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. JENNET: Well, it does look like way the ball is back in the Solomon's court, so we'll see what response that draws either immediately or perhaps even on that visit that you're foreshadowing there, Patrick Gorman. Speakers: Andrew McKellar, chief executive Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Greg Jennett, host ABC Afternoon Briefing. Solomon Islands yet again, we seem to find ourselves in some level of disputation Pat with Manasseh Sogavare this time around, public election funding. Linda, in this capacity on the West Australian panel, as we're calling it. the villages entertainment schedule savannah center,